Thursday, June 9, 2016

There but for the grace of God.... or why we are all potential addicts....

I have a wonderful and amazing friend who has accomplished things and moved in circles I can only be shocked at.  Maureen Herman, formerly of the band Babes in Toyland, used to be a client. In recent years, Maureen and I have reconnected. So I have a front row seat as this talented musician and writer continues to accomplish. I'm discussing an article today written by Maureen.  I'll include directions for accessing the article at the bottom of this post.  The title of Maureen's article is: "Prince: death by ignorance and fear." I found out in this article that my friend knew, and even once worked for, Prince.  Be still my heart! But back to my point. In this article, Maureen talks about opioid abuse and addiction.

Here is how I relate. I get it.  I understand how chronic pain can lead to abuse of pain medication.  While my knees have not yet gotten to the point of requiring surgery, they are certainly moving in that direction. My arthritis has not been a pleasant companion. I use a cane.  It provides support and eases the pressure on my legs.  Some mornings, I'm not able to make it to the bathroom in time. (I know every spot in my space that is safe to hold on to as I try to get there.) And while the pain isn't always a problem (some days I'm OK), I  know how it feels to want the pain to stop so badly that you will swallow anything to relieve it. I get it. And humility requires me to admit it.  I'm human. And so I know that I will require all the support I can get to make sure I don't develop an opioid problem. Right now, I seem to be in a good period. But I get that a continuation of that is not guaranteed.

As I've read about Prince and his untimely death, I've been very aware of the commonality.  I understand how it could happen. And instead of judgement, I'm filled with compassion and empathy. What about you?  What happens if your body starts to show the consequences of aging?  What happens if you are injured in car accidents like my friend Maureen? What happens if you are in pain?  Think about it. And let's look at solutions.  Without judgement.  Let's talk!  Sending all my love.......

***To find Maureen Herman's wonderful article, go to and search for Maureen Herman.  

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